Hillsborough Community College soon to fund student entrepreneurs

After students go through the entrepreneur program at Hillsborough Community College, they now have an option for a next step: get some funding to help their idea take off. HCC was one of four community colleges across the country chosen last spring for a $250,000 grant by the Every Day Entrepreneur Venture Fund. The first round of funding will begin in December, where two applicants will present their ideas to a funding committee and have a chance to get a $250,000 seed grant. "The purpose of the grant initiative is to provide funding for entrepreneurs who otherwise would never have access to funding and create generational impact on the family," Andrew Gold, a business administration professor at Hillsborough Community College said, adding he is confident the fund will grow to $5 million or $6 million in the coming years. "It takes away the issue of people who have a good business program but don’t have the funds."

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