Business Advisory Committee

One of the most important resources a prospective business owner can have is a dedicated business advisor. Many entrepreneurs launch into a business without the advice or guidance of a business advisor or coach. It is an expense they feel they can forego, betting they will beat the odds on business startup failures. It is a mistake that causes many new enterprises to fail, often before they even launch, and drives entrepreneurs back to working for someone else.
Operation Startup is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who are entrepreneurs or experienced executives, many are military Veterans, and have invaluable business experience they are willing to share. Members of our business advisory committee consult with every member of OPSU, beginning with the creation of a development plan and following with regular meetings to track progress, offer assistance, and provide guidance for the next steps.
These relationship become very important very quickly, as new ideas, pivots, validations and resources are the standard for any new business venture. A knowledgeable guiding hand means OPSU members are getting the best guidance possible.