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Operation Startup is fortunate to have an outstanding team of experienced business advisors with a rich history of practicing entrepreneurship, and running businesses of various types. Because business advisory services are not appropriate for everyone, it is important to understand what the role of an advisor is, and how it differs from that of a mentor. A mentor may be a better starting point for some people in the  early stages of their business development. A mentor can serve as a role model, and share his/her wisdom with you. Advisors have experience in achieving what you want to achieve. Unlike mentors, their role is more formal and their expertise more detailed. Advisors are not tasked with being your friend, but rather someone that provides specific and in depth direction about your business, and at times this may entail some straight talk and honesty about some potential problem spots  with your business. In order to meet with an Operation Startup Business Advisor, you must complete the following steps:

1) Become a member of Operation Startup, 2) Already have formed a legal business entity (i.e. LLC, S-Corp etc.), 3) Have a corporate website, 4) have a set of actual or projected financial statements and documents, 4) a validated business model, and 5) a video that explains the business. If you do not have all of these elements, Operation Startup offers many services, programs, mentoring, and workshops that teach you about, and assist you with completing these tasks. 

Clint Day serves as an advisor to NACCE and the KSU Shore center for entrepreneurship. He founded three companies in Florida and Georgia and began teaching/mentoring after selling his last business. Professionally qualified by the AACSB business school association, Clint earned a MBA and five certifications in entrepreneurship. He founded the entrepreneurship program at the State College of Florida. As a Vietnam veteran, he mentors vets through IVMF Syracuse and has taught under the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program, at HCC Tampa.  

Clint Day, MBA (email)

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Deon is a nationally-Certified Business and Executive Coach and the Founder of Bradley Coaching & Consulting.  He has over 30 years of experience helping startups grow their revenues and coaching Founders and Executives to improve their personal performance.  He Specializes in coaching Founders and their leadership teams to maximize their performance and build lasting, high-growth companies.  His expertise lies in the areas of Sales, Business Development, Strategy, and Leadership Development. .  He has worked with startups in a wide variety of verticals and has coached Founders from five countries.

Deon Bradley

Bradley Coaching & Consulting

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Mike DeLazzer is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 8 companies In 2006 he was inducted into the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame for his work as founder of GetAMovie Inc. which later became Redbox. Redbox has since become the largest video rental company in the world, with over 45,000 locations in the U.S. and revenues approaching $2 billion. Building on past success in the DVD kiosk industry, Mike co-founded New Retail LTD

Mike DeLazzer

Co-Founder RedBox

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Leon is a long-time entrepreneur with exceptional experience in selling, and sales strategies.  Leon has experience n business development and consulting for nearly two decades. Leon has experience in real estate, sales, and marketing. Leon is the founder of Cutting Edge Concierge, a food & technology service. Aside from his entrepreneurial ventures, Leon is an active participant in many community organizations, including 1 Million Cups, Tampa

Leon Donovan
Founder, Cutting Edge Concierge

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David Pic.png
David Dye
Co-Founder ClearCadence LLC (website)

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David is co-founder of ClearCadence, LLC, an IT consulting services firm that specializes in Process Improvement and Digital Business Solutions.  He brings over 30 years' experience as an entrepreneur with a core focus on initiating, creating, developing, and managing effective consulting practices for numerous commercial software companies.  David has been a long-standing and active member of the Operation Startup program since its inception and he regularly consults with early and later-stage entrepreneurs to listen and provide expert direction and guidance.  He brings expertise that includes marketing, sales, human resources, legal, finance, operations, project delivery, software development, and information technology business functions.

Greta is an accomplished business professor, small business mentor, entrepreneur, and Veteran advocate.  She has been teaching business courses for over 13 years. She is also a fundraiser with experience in Annual Giving, Board Development and Strategic Planning. Greta is an entrepreneur - in - residence at Operation Startup, and is a go-getter! She started her career in Television Broadcasting and after a some reflection, changed her mind and life and went back to school to complete her MBA. She is working on her Ph.D. in Business Strategy while she teaches full-time and helps local businesses. Biz Dynamics Group is her current business, where she connects business entrepreneurs with each other, to build upon their strengths.

Greta Kishbaugh, MBA
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
St. Pete College 
@gretakishbaugh(Twitter) (email)
813-609-8803 (office)

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Andy is a long term entrepreneur with 14 years of experience on Wall street, and nearly 25years of experience practicing entrepreneurship. His areas of specialization include financial modeling social entrepreneurship, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and effectuation.


Andy Gold, PhD
Co-Founder, Operation Startup
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Hillsborough Community College
@profandygold (Twitter) (email)
813-259-6062 (office)

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Dr. Richard Munassi MD MBA has been mentoring, consulting, and has been an active board member of startups in multiple verticals for close to a decade in Los Angeles, Houston, and Tampa. He is both a Director as well as the Health Tech expert for the Tampa Bay WaVE, and sits on a range of committees for both the Operation Startup and the Tampa Bay WaVE Accelerator programs. Dr. Munassi is also the Co-Chair of the Healthcare & Wellness Pavilion at the Synapse Innovation Summit and the co-founder of Blackfin Technology Partners. 

Richard Munassi, MD, MBA

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Beth Kerly  is a full-time tenured business faculty member at Hillsborough Community College. Kerly serves as the co-founder of the HCC Entrepreneurship  program, and Operation Startup. Ms. Kerly founded BK Consulting, a marketing advisory service company, and co-founded e2Venture.  Her areas of specialization include sales & marketing,  value proposition development, and customer development. Beth is very active, and passionate in her support of women aspiring to launch businesses, and have a positive impact on our community.  Her work has also focused on serving Veterans, and at-risk youth.

Beth Kerly, MBA
Co-Founder, Operation Startup
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Hillsborough Community Colleg
@mkerly (Twitter) (email)
813-253-7216 (office)

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